Frequently Asked Questions section contains common queries from developers working with TheShop API and replies from our tech leads.

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Can I edit the code in the basic TheShop frontstore template?

Q: If I decide to use basic TheShop fronstore template, can I customize the code and remake the structure of pages?

A: You can fully customize the code of the TheShop frontstore template. You can use the whole code, use some snippets only, or you can use theshop.dev/api-client package, it's up to you.

Our frontstore template serves as an example to see how to build a fronstore in an easy way.

Can I edit global CSS via app.css in the Public folder?

Q: I see app.css stylesheet in the Public folder. Can I use it to edit global CSS?

A: No, the Public folder contains compiled .css files. You can make changes in the Resources.

Frontstore deployment & VPS

Every TheShop installation has its dedicated VPS (virtual private server). This VPS is managed by TheShop.

You are fully responsible for installing the frontstore and managing the server on which it runs.

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