Shipping and payment

Shipping and payment is the second of the three steps in the final order sequence:

  1. Shopping cart (Basket)

  2. Shipping and payment

  3. Checkout

After you have items in the Shopping cart, Shipping and payment section should be filled.

The following sections must be filled in a sequence:

1. Shipping country

First of all, the shipping country must be selected and provided for next API calls. You can offer a list of countries, or set a default one.

This API call returns a list of available shipping countries.

2. Shipping method

After selecting the Shipping country, you can get the list of available shipping types.

This API call returns all active shipping types defined for shipping country.

3. Payment method

List all available payment methods

This API call returns all payment types for selected shipping country, shipping type, catalog, and currency.

Provide only available payment types

After selecting the Shipping type, you can provide only available payment types.

This API call returns all available payment types for shipping country.

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